For more than 80 years Vleissentraal has been synonymous with marketing stock-farming in South Africa. The company boasts with a long history which testifies to an active roll player in the organised agricultural sector.

Vleissentraal’s objective is to negotiate the best price of livestock, game and property for both the buyer and seller with reasonable terms and conditions. The use of technology ensures quick and accurate service.

Vleissentraal conducts an average of 1600 auctions a year, which distinguishes the company as a professional marketer and an expert in the field of auctioneering. Qualified and competent marketers ensure that best prices are achieved, while payments are made on the day of the auction. Terms are extended to approved buyers.

Whether you are the buyer or seller, the benefits of an auction conducted by Vleissentraal are obvious:

  • Instant payments
  • Market-related prices and competition
  • Professional service
  • A company with the reputation of providing its’ clients with good quality livestock, game and property

Visit the Vleissentraal website here.

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